Elevate your enterprise with credit card processing that offers fee-free transactions. lightning-fast transactions, user-friendly interfaces, powerful analytics, and tailored customization options.

Our payments solution is incredibly flexible and operates seamlessly. We’ve got all the tech you need to run your business.

Receive 100% of the amount you sell in your account.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Your customers have the flexibility to pay with their preferred payment method.

ZERO Credit Card Processing Fees

You are not going to pay any credit card processing fees for the transactions processed.

Next Day Funding at no extra charge

You will receive your funding in FULL the very next day!

Unmatched Merchant Support

Get unparalleled support from our industry-leading team. 24/7/365 Live Phone

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No Credit
Card Fees

24 X 7 Merchant Support

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100% PCI-DSS Compliant

No Increase
in Fees

We're revolutionizing the way you receive your payments.

Pay 0% Processing Fees

Our industry-leading rates are hard to beat. We believe in transparency, so there are no hidden fees or contracts involved. This allows businesses to keep growing. Our experts can analyze your current rates and guarantee to match or beat them.

Supported Industries



Real Estate









Many More

Receive Payments in Various Ways Everywhere, whether online or in person.

Cloud/Server Based PoS

We offer both cloud-based and server-based POS systems. The Point of Sale (POS) system will be accessible at all times, every day of the year. We consistently endeavor to attain a server uptime of 100%.


The dashboard's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through large volumes of information, providing a clear understanding of the overall health of your business. It is an an essential feature for any business that wants to stay on top of its performance.

Inventory Management

The system offers a variety of intuitive methods for managing, monitoring, and rectifying your inventory. Ensure adequate stock levels of essential products tailored to your business requirements. Receive notifications regarding low stock to facilitate reordering.

Fraud and Risk Protection

Security measures are in place to ensure that your assets are secure from fraud and other potential risks. With the rise in cyber attacks, financial crime, and data breaches it’s more important than ever to take proactive steps for better risk protection.

Transaction History

Through your dashboard, you will be able to view the Transaction history, which is an essential tool for effectively managing and ensuring that all your financial activity is accounted for.

Orders and Invoicing

Our system provides support for a range of features including alerts for Customer and Supplier credit and payment due, comprehensive tracking of purchase, payment, and sales transactions, and much more.

Advanced Reporting

Our system offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, including Purchase and Sales reports, Supplier and Customer reports, Expense reports, and more.

Flexible Funding Options

You can have access to a variety of funding options that match your business needs. The right fund can help your business grow and thrive.

Hardware that simplifies the
selling process

You can efficiently process payments and manage your point of sale by using hardware options that are tailored to your business requirements.

POS Terminal

Our cash register and POS system is designed for convenience, equipped with a customer-facing display. It also offers the option to include additional features such as a cash drawer and receipt printer.

QR Dine In Service

With our QR system, you can reduce labor costs and wait times. Customers have the freedom to open their own tab, order for dining in or takeout, and effortlessly make payments.

Online Ordering System

Our online ordering system offers a hassle-free and contactless solution for your customers to place their food orders.

Handheld POS Terminal

Imagine having a compact, all-in-one POS terminal that you can easily carry around. It comes equipped with integrated payments and a built-in receipt printer.

KIOSK System

Our kiosks are convenient self-service devices that let customers easily place orders, make payments, and check out, all without needing assistance from a cashier.

Our partnership boasts a track record that you can trust.

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