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We are a business and web technology agency with years of experience catering to the most demanding company needs. Our domain encompasses everything from website building, digital advertising, social media management, enterprise application services and other business consultation services. As a fast growing provider in this competitive landscape we ever strive to stay ahead. Keeping up on the most current trends and tech developments helps us ensure that all clients are supplied with the best options available. 

How We Work

Web Design & Development

A well-designed website plays a crucial role in establishing your brand and corporate identity. Our Designers incorporate SEO ready components with on-page search engine optimization that helps increase your Google Search Ranking. This is the foundation of SEO and should be done at the design phase, rather than working on this as an after-thought. 


Logo Design / Branding

An organization’s brand image captures its vision and overall identity and is the cornerstone of the company’s trademark. In order for the public to identify with your brand, you need a logo that is recognizable. The logo represents your company’s vision and appears on everything from your stationery materials to your website to any advertising you run – it is the visual identity of your business. 

Social Media Management

We provide quality content every single day at a price you can afford. For just $150 per month – you’ll receive unique content created for your business, posted EVERY DAY to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Accounts. Content posted 7 days a week to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Accounts. This will be unique content, specifically created for your business based on what direction you want your business to be heading. 

Enterprise Application Services

The enterprise resource planning system manages all aspects of a production-based or distribution business using an integrated platform. At Garnetblue we help you to plan, design, integrate and deploy ERP solutions that given you more data efficiency and operational freedom. This solutions can be customized to meet your business’ specific needs.

Systems Integrations

An integrated system will allow you to view customer data, orders, and other information more effectively. You can improve the accuracy and efficiency of your operations with the right integration platform. It helps e-business platforms interact with other applications such as CRM, ERP, and payment gateways. 

E-Commerce Management

Managing an e-commerce business on the cloud is a complex function, that includes product updates, specifications updates, proper placement, delivery systems tracking, customer feedback tracking and managing the whole process flow. At Garnetblue we help you manage your e-commerce business, to provide you a more data driven insight on your sales and product improvement process.

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